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It’s not what we say, but what others say about us that tells the true story of who we are – a village of one-of- a-kind stylish shops, hangout spots, trendy wares and delicious fare. Prance through our site to discover more about what you can expect from your own experience in Northwood Village.
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Fine and contemporary dining, eclectic and vintage shops, and modern salons dot the streets, creating a hub for hipsters, foodies, fashionistas and designers. The neighborhood vibe is more reminiscent of northern California or bohemian European capitals, where walking is encouraged (how can you discover a hidden gem when zooming by in a vehicle?) and boutique doors are open and inviting.
The word on the street – and the beach and the city – is that Northwood is the “Historically Hip” place to live, shop, eat and hang out. With property values rising, and a herd of cutting edge shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants moving in, Northwood is the most buzzed-about neighborhood in the county. The Bohemian Vibe of Northwood Village has even been written up for good reasons in publications such as The New York Times, Architectural Digest and Southern Living.